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Our Assistant Music Director

Deneil Clarke has always been passionate about music. From his early years growing up on the Caribbean island of Jamaica, he began exploring this creative field – learning to play several instruments, singing with various groups and choirs, and eventually writing music and studying with choral conductors and other music teachers. Over the past several years, Deneil has been actively involved with choirs in Jamaica, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Nebraska and elsewhere as conductor, composer, singer and/or accompanist. He currently serves as Worship Pastor at College View Church in Lincoln NE, and among his activities there is the development and expansion of their choral program.

Deneil Clarke

Singing Memories: Spontaneously singing the men’s choir arrangement of “Ave Maria” by Franz Biebl in the 12th century Turku Cathedral in Finland! We found the most resonant spot and a crowd gathered around us. Men singing in a circle, how beautiful.


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